I’m about to get a massive headache because of this, I can just tell.

Today I got a virus.  Someway, somehow, I got a virus.  Rather, my computer got a virus.

I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, just searching web tutorials on how to format WordPress category links, then BAM!  I got a popup.

“Weird,” I think to myself. “Chrome is usually pretty good about stopping these.”

I Xed out of it and go about my business.  A few minutes later, I Google something new in my pursuit of blog customization, and the link I follow takes me to a site that asks me to confirm that I’m not a bot “for our records.” I type in the squiggly figure, hit enter, and get taken to a site advertising the new Twitter for local singles.

“This is not blogdesignblog.com,” I think.

This has been happening now for about an hour.  Some pages are not loading, some pages are causing the graphic indicating the page is still loading to perpetually spin, others are quickly redirecting me to ad sites, and popups have been, well, popping up every few minutes.

Now, for about a month or two, I’ve been considering reformatting my computer’s HDD and reloading Windows on it. I’ve loaded a whole lot of crappy software onto the computer since I reloaded Windows back in January, and it’s made things super sluggish and poopy. I convinced myself that it’s totally not necessary, and since it would be an elective procedure, that emotional breakdown I had last time would hardly be worth it.

This might just push me over the edge.  If I decide to go through with this, I hope hope hope it goes smoother than last time.

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date Oct 20th 2009
author Mike
category Life
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