on drinkin alone at a bar

Until tonight, I had never sat at a bar by myself and drank. I see movies all the time that glorify it, but also enough drunks at the Cafe doing it to cancel out the cool.

I sit here alone mobile blogging from the bar at City O’ City on 13th and Sherman in Denver. I have a candle, a cup of water, and a glass of Wild Turkey in front of me, in order from left to right.

A super cute late-20-something hipster couple sits to my right reading their own books that they just bought from a used book store, neither of them more than ten pages in, looking up only every few minutes to have small but meaningful conversations with one another.

I have little to do here other than sip and be observant. But I’m happy doing just that.

I watch the bartenders do their work and shoot the shit with the usuals. They occasionally notice me watching, and we just smile at eachother. One bartender, the one that gave me the heavy pour, a girl, tells me that my smile is inviting, and says that every time she sees it she feels compelled to ask if I’m ready for another round or some food. I take it as I look lonely and need someone to be nice to me, but she says it’s a good thing. I believe her because her smile is reassuring.

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date Jan 23rd 2010
author Mike
category Life
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