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This is a pretty exciting time here at rhymes with milk. I’ve posted 28 posts – 29 including this one – and I have WordPress set to display 5 posts per page, making 6 total pages of posts. Follow so far?

The pagination* that I use on this site was actually created as a WordPress function by Eric Martin (I later found out it’s also a WP plugin, but I don’t think it was when I first installed it). It’s a clean and simple alternative to the default “next page/previous page” links built into WP, and makes the site much more navigable.


As you can see, there are currently 6 pages (as I already said…), and every page has its own link. When it reaches 7 pages, though, is when things get exciting. Since it’s not possible to continue linking to each individual page, the pagination ends up taking on a new, more compact form. The thing is, I can’t remember what that form is, though…

I remember testing out the paginate function when this site was still under construction by writing a bunch of dummy posts and setting WordPress to only show one per page. The function allows you to choose at what point it breaks from its current form into the more compacted one, and I remember setting that to be at page 7. I also remember customizing the compact look, but I can’t exactly remember what I customized it to.

I’m super excited to see what’s about to happen. Here’s to Page 7.

UPDATE: I have a few private posts that I never ended up posting, but still show up for me when I’m logged in. Therefore I see more pages than you do, so you all can’t see this yet, but it just rolled over to 7 for me. And guess what happened? Nothing. My memory was clearly wrong. I’m beginning to think it’s page 8 when the magic happens. Yeah, page 8, that’s definitely it. Here’s to Page 8!

* How do you pronounce “paginate”? Everywhere I look says it’s paj-uh-ney-shuh, but I refuse to believe that. Why would something originally pronounce with a long “a” suddenly change it to a short vowel sound, especially since there’s still a single consonant then a vowel trailing it? I could understand it if the spelling had been changed as well, to something like paggination, but it didn’t.

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date May 15th 2010
author Mike
category Geek
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