5000 miles: January

I have a goal to bike 5000 miles in a single calendar year, and I’m tracking my progress in the RWM Sandbox. The number 5000 is pretty arbitrary, not some holy grail number for me or anything. One day I was talking to my boss Nico about what kind of millage he puts on his bikes every year. He said that he doesn’t keep track anymore, but suspects that it’s somewhere in the 10-12,000 mile range. That’s a goddamn shit ton of miles. So I thought to myself, “It would be thoroughly impressive if one day I rode even half as many miles as Nico, Biker Extraordinaire,” and committed to making an attempt.

So far, things are not looking good. Of the 31 days in January, I’ve either been sick or snow has covered the ground for about half of them*. And of the remaining days, the majority have been freezing cold, I’ve worked all day and have had to commit to riding at night, or I simply just didn’t have the time to ride. Things are looking bleak already.

Excuses aside, I actually think this challenge is going well and I’m having fun tracking my progress. I recently joined a gym that prides itself on catering to bicyclists, so I’m definitely getting some millage out of their stationaries. It might be cheating just a little to include stationary miles, but let’s be honest, I need as much help as I can get. 5000 is a big number. That’s 96 miles PER WEEK.

Anyway, there’s a screenshot of January. Let’s see where I get to by the end of this month. Hopefully I add more than 67 miles, but I won’t be disappointed if I don’t. I figure numbers will start to skyrocket come springtime.

* Even when the weather turns around and starts melting the snow, I still can’t ride much. I try to stay off of wet and icy roads with Sven as much as possible, and let’s be honest, there’s no way I’m riding 5000 miles on just Helga. She’s a little too big-boned for that.

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date Feb 3rd 2011
author Mike
category Life
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