Courage Classic 2012

I have a goal to ride 10 centuries in my life. Originally I was planning on doing them in 10 consecutive years, but that’s not looking good since my first and last century was in 2009. Despite having not done another century, I still did a ride this past weekend that I hold on the same level. Here are the numbers:

3 days
~140 miles
~10,000 feet ascended
minimum altitude > 9,000 feet 

It was certainly one of the coolest things I’ve done, and I’m really glad I got to be a part of it. I just wish I hadn’t fallen in a 5 mph meeting with a curb in front of 2 national champions. Lame.

Sat July 21, 2012 – Turquoise Lake

Courage Classic Day 1


Sun July 22, 2012 – near Giberson Bay, Dillon Reservoire

Courage Classic Day 2


Mon July 23, 2012 – just outside Copper Mountain

Courage Classic Day 3


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date Jul 24th 2012
author Mike
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