can burping dislodge your liver?

I just drank a whole lot of Diet Coke with Lime, and it all came out in one monsterous burp. Ally asked me if I had just dislodged my liver due to the violence of the burp. I checked all my typical vitals (still breathing, still have vision, balls still attached) and everything checked out, so I figured my liver must still be in good health.

Then I got to wondering if you actually could dislodge your liver after burping. As it turns out, my research was cut off at the source. Google had no search results for me*. As far as I can see, there are two reasons for this:

  1. Nobody else has ever asked that question before on the world wide webs. Duh. Despite Yahoo! Answers having over 200 million users, none of them have ever been curious about this before.
  2. The question is so complex, research results have yet to answer the question. Research scientists are unlikely to post questions to answers they have yet to obtain, so I can only guess that they’re still looking into it. In the event that no scientists are tackling this problem right now, I’ve notified the Mythbusters about it, so hopefully they’ll be able to find an answer. On national TV no less.

*UPDATE: This post now comes up, but it’s the only thing that does, so my point still stands. I am currently the foremost authority on whether burping and dislodged livers can indeed be correlated.

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  1. Bricarr says:

    As your personal physician i have the definitive answer Mike.
    and stop bothering Adam and Jamie.

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date Jul 24th 2010
author Mike
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