Two awesome things blew my mind today.

  1. Cyclemeter, the iphone app, is awesome. Tangent: I’ve been opposed to buying apps since I got my phone. I think I realized why recently. The money isn’t paying for anything tangible. I’m not even getting a disk with the software installation on it. I rarely pay for anything I download, so the concept is foreign to me. But I’ve recently realized the irrationality in that. If I get use out of the app, it’s worth paying for. I buy myself lunch at least once per week, and after tip I rarely pay less than $10. This Cyclemeter GPS tracking app is incredible, robust, simple, and useful, and it only cost half as much as my weekly lunch. The question of whether or not it’s a worthy puchase is a no-brainer, and I now see that.
  2. The Google Earth browser plugin is awesome. I’ve never seen much point in having a separate application on my computer for what I can basically already do online, but now I can actually do it online. The fact that I can now see the Taco Bell at Baseline and Broadway in 3D — all in browser — is priceless.

Marshall Ride

Speed and Elevation

It’s pretty cool seeing the correlation between elevation gains and speed changes. Sometimes the speed seems to inexplicably swing without reason, but over a longish ride like this, a lot of data has to be crunched into a very small space. Naturally, some of the info gets lost in translation.

  • PLK

    If you look just at the blue outline, it looks like you road the perimeter of the United States of America. Now that's stamina!

date Jul 3rd 2010
author Mike
category Life
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