this is not the post it was supposed to be

I was about to write a post that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Prompted by Avatar (then subsequently watching an Esurance commercial) I was going to come up with a list of cartoon females that are inexplicably attractive, then make some sort of commentary about how they’re actually very disproportionate and otherwise strange looking.

As I was doing research I unearthed a whole community of perverts that fantasize in cartoon. Deviant Art alone is full of half-nude insanely sexualized versions of some of these characters. There are no less than a dozen forums I stumbled upon that collectively had hundreds of posts just about that one time Aaron Diaz may or may not have drawn that one nude image of Kimiko Ross or if that was just fan art.

I should have seen all of this coming. How could I have been so naive as to assume the internet could be mature about a subject like this?  As I have come to figure out, the internet is anything but mature (don’t worry, it’s SFW).

Anyway, this all really turned me off from doing the post I originally set out to do, mostly because it could possibly but not-too-wrongfully associate me with those sad, sad men in a way I would not be okay with.  No thank you.

BTW, I was totally unsure which of the blog’s three main categories to put this post into. When I first came up with that list of categories, I assumed those three would pretty sufficiently define any thought I might ever want to put on here. I guess I never assumed I was going to be blogging about sad internet cartoon porn. Again with the naivety thing…

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  1. AllyB says:

    It's Geeky. Only a geek would even *think* to write about that subject. And those sad guys are also geeks, just not the ones we like to talk about. In the Geek Family, they're like the really perverted and sad uncle that you only see on Thanksgiving and avoid at all costs because he tells inappropriate stories about the good old days when nobody cared if you banged a 16 year old. (Too far?)

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