What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing – and can you eliminate it? #


As a non-writer with a neglected blog, this question seems like it’s geared for somebody else. But at the same time, maybe it’s the perfect question for somebody like me. I guess it’s an opportunity for me to own up to my lack of writing.

I would definitely like to write more, but it’s never been a high priority for me. Every time I sit down with a good book, I always get that wave of inspiration where I tell myself “yes! I can write like this!” After pounding out a few awkwardly worded sentences on my computer, I realize it’s futile and leave the good writing up to the good writers.

As for this blog, I rarely feel like I have enough to say that it warrants going on here. When I feel strongly about something, I talk to people about it, and get it out of my system that way. If it’s daily minutia or inconsequential thoughts I tweet them. It’s almost gotten to the point where I feel like this blog is bigger and more important than it is, thereby requiring nothing but deserving content (and apparently half-assed attempts at photoblogging).

I’m not disappointed that I don’t write everyday, my only disappointment is that I don’t document my life as well these days as I used to. I don’t expect anybody to still get anything out of the Daily Photo Project posts (I know I know, two days in a row nostalgically looking back at that…) but I still cherish them. Just by clicking around it a little, I’m able to remember that year and the things I did and the places I went and the people I spent it with and the fun I had and the bad days and boring days better than any other period in my life. I miss that level of documentation and memory preservation. I’m hoping Reverb10 will be a small way for me to chronicle bits of my 2010, or even just preserve where I’m at as a person at this very moment.

That’s all for today. There’s no moral to this story.

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