Caitlin, Evan, Caitlin’s friend Mike, an older lady glob-on, and I did QuickLeft’s Hackfest tonight. I’ve never been to one, and really had no idea what to expect.

We were given a handful of random beer-related data files (e.g. liquor store annual beer sales, flavor attributes of beers, etc.) and three hours to do something with them. Anything, really.

So Caitin, being the creative type she is, came up with the idea of OkBrupid, the beer soulmate finder. We displayed a list of beer flavors, and depending on the combination of flavors you chose we presented the best beer match for you…based on our limited dataset. At the last minute Mike was also able to setup a textarea where you could describe yourself, and if you happened to type one of the flavors, your beer list would start to filter. Ideally we would have incorporated a larger dataset, and a wider array of synonyms for the flavors (I spent about 1/3 of my time coming up with the synonym list, only for time to run out before we incorporated it).

In any case, it was fun. And everybody kicked ass. Except for the older lady…I’m not quite sure what her contribution was. But boy was she happy with the final product.

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date Jan 29th 2014
author Mike
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