Ally and I took the dogs for a walk circumnavigating the property. At one point in a large open field on the North side of the property, a dog descended from the tree line and started running after us. Our dogs are leash (and everything else) aggressive, so we had to run for about 10 minutes through frozen snow drifts before the dog went back into the trees. It was exciting. The dogs lost their booties a lot, and at one point Bonnie hulked her neckerchief right off. Not sure how she got it to tear in half so cleanly…

We got dinner at the Grit, then swung by Colorado Boy on our way home. I’ve lived in a city known for its breweries for over 20 years and have never gotten a growler of anything. And now that I’ve lived in a tiny town (less than 1000 residents) with only one brewery for one week, I just had to stop and buy one.

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date Jan 5th 2014
author Mike
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