I took my bike’s brakes apart to clean them, crossing my fingers that I could put them back together. They save my life more than any other part of the bike, so it was pretty necessary that I restore proper function to them.

I think they still work…

I took the dogs for a long walk, and Ally stayed home since she’s super sick with the streptococcus. I took pictures along the way and SMSed them back to her so that she follow us on our walk. It was the most excessive use of modern technology I’ve probably ever been a part of, but it was fun nonetheless. Also, any time I put AT&T’s resources to work makes me feel like I’m actually getting something for theĀ ridiculousĀ amount of money I pay them.

Here’s a thumbnail view of my walk.

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  1. PLK says:

    Thank Allah that you're takin' pictures again.

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date May 19th 2010
author Mike
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