Ally and I decided to go to a b&b in Crested Butte for the weekend. We met up with my sister and Jon for some pizza at this hole-in-the-wall place called the Secret Stash. This is the outside of it.

And this is the the view outside the balcony at our b&b. This is the first HDR that’s shown up on RWMv2.0.


While we waited for Diane & Jon to meet us for dinner, Ally and I walked along the main street of Crested Butte looking for someplace to get an appetizer. We saw a bunch of people sitting on a second story balcony drinking beer, and the sign below them said “a sunny place for shady people” with an arrow up a dark wooden staircase. Perfect.

When we went in, the bar was entirely deserted so we walked out onto the balcony where everybody was. One of the guys sitting out there smoking on his cigarette saw us come out and shouted “yeah, where the hell is that damn bartender anyway!” Everybody laughed at a joke Ally and I clearly weren’t in on. After a few more puffs of his cigarette, he walked inside and said “you guys want some drinks?”

It turns out that the place is a small brew-pub called the Eldo Brewery that makes all of their own beers in the basement. I tried the Secret Trail Ale which turned out to be one of the best beers I’ve ever had.

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