Frolfing today was awesome, but Hannah didn’t come, so maybe frolfing was not awesome.

It’s profound eloquence like that that makes me think I should’t be blogging.

Grooveshark has a negligible amount of Smashing Pumpkins songs, and Deezer only has horrific covers. So for the first time, I uploaded a bunch of songs to Grooveshark tonight, 139 of which were Smashing Pumpkins. It says that they will be reviewed and added to my library within 24 hours.

I wonder what that review process is. Are there certain artists or songs that are blocked? There’s no way a human could do all the reviewing, there must be way too many songs uploaded every day. So is there an algorithm they go through to make sure uploaded songs not on the black list? Do they just look at the song’s metadata and compare the song title & artist name against a database? If so, you could just change the songs info to something false, then upload it. Or perhaps they use acoustical signature recognition like Shazam?

Maybe I’m over-thinking it because the *NSync albums I just uploaded are already in my library. Apparently they don’t go through too much scrutiny.

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date May 5th 2010
author Mike
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