a word on homelessness, then more bike stuff, but only a little of each

A drunken homeless man fell asleep in the women’s bathroom at my office today.  A little girl in the middle of her piano lesson down the hall found him.  Turns out he wasn’t in too deep of a sleep though, because as soon as the sweet-old-lady-teacher went to investigate, he popped up from his place of slumber and bolted.  Those homeless guys can be fast when they want to be.  They’re kinda like crocodiles in that way, I guess.

I have no idea if what I just said comparing hobos to crocs is true.  Or offensive.  I didn’t intend on either.

Sooooo today was Boulder’s official 2010 Winter Bike to Work Day.  Seeing as how I bike to work most days, today was just like any other except that I got a free bagel at Moe’s.  Thanks, Moe.

Btw, check out Moe’s favicon.  That’s how you know the site was built using Joomla, just like freedtvroom.com (guess who has two thumbs and did all of the content entry aaaannnnnddddd “designed” the facebook link on that bad boy. This guy!).

A very awkward girl talked to me this evening on my ride home from work.  Because of the way the streetlights are timed, I always end up getting stuck at the NE corner of Arapaho and 28th.  Normally I wait on the small pedestrian island there alone, but tonight there was a girl standing there about 8 feet to my right.  I was not within her direct line of sight, nor she in mine, but for some reason I could feel her eyes burning a hole in the side of my head.  I refused to look back, but it was becoming unbearably awkward.  After the longest ten seconds of my life, I hear an oddly matter-of-fact “Hi,” almost like she had been expecting me to say it first or something.  I could practically hear how red and frizzy her bangs were just by the way she said “hi.”

“Hello,” I said back.  “How’re you?”

“I’m okay.” Super awkward pause where she just looks at me with half of a smirk playing across her mouth.  She then turned around, awkwardly looked at the moon, then mumbled something about it being a nice night.

“Yeah, it’s not too chilly for a bike ride, so that’s a good thing,” I said, trying to stave away the awkwardness.

“Haha!  Chilly is nothing for winter.  Chilly is nothing compared to frost!”


“I’m from Crested Butte.”

And thank god the light changed just then.  I quickly said “Have a great night!” and rode off, never to see her again, yet still surrounded by a cloud of awkward.

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date Jan 20th 2010
author Mike
category Life
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