concert august 12, 2010

The Fox Theatre

  • Delta Spirit
  • The Rescues – in the 13th Street parking lot outside the theater. Only saw about half their set.
  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  • Guster

Awesome show. Alex Ebert is a crazy performer, and Guster’s set was one of their best. I think it’s refreshing when they have new music to play.

I apologize for the ass hole behind the camera singing along off-key. Way off-key.

  • Diane

    NICE! Thanks for uploading this.

    And you know how mom never let dad sing along with her favorite songs? Looks like you inherited more than just dad's thighs, bro…

  • rhymeswithmilk

    You're welcome! And yeah, I pretty much ruin concerts for those around me.