concert april 9, 2011

Broomfield Event Center (1STBANK Center)

  • Local Natives opened up the concert, but Ally and I were at a party at her mom’s house a little late and missed them. We weren’t too heartbroken.
  • Arcade Fire

Ally’s former babysitter (Rebecca) from nearly 20 years ago posted on Facebook that she had two free suite tickets up for grabs to the concert. Ally tried to get them, but somebody beat her to it. Then she got a message from Rebecca saying that the person that got the tickets couldn’t find a babysitter, and couldn’t accept the tickets. So Ally was next in line. Apparently Rebecca and her husband run a branch of a mortgage company, and they own a suite (like, their company name is written above the door to the suite…that’s how hard they own it) at the Broomfield Event Center so that they can give their clients tickets as gifts. Whenever they don’t have anybody to give them to, they pass them on to friends (or Facebook friends). We got to sit in awesome leather chairs in a suite that smelled like nachos (we didn’t feel comfortable eating their fancy food since it was never offered to us, so we just drank ice water out of the sink in the suite’s minibar/kitchen…yeah).

The concert itself was amazing. Arcade Fire rocked, and played all of their best music. We moved around to behind the stage for then encore. This was the first concert I recorded with the iPhone4, and am impressed with the quality over the 3GS. It’s still shit, so I recommend searching YouTube for a better version.

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Concert November 6, 2010

The Ogden Theatre

  • Peggy Sue
  • Kate Nash

Ally’s birthday gift. Kate was awesome. She has a lot of variety in her show. Sweet songs, quiet slow songs, poems with “fucks” a-plenty, and R&B-sides.

I’ll let someone more eloquent than me explain the night.

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Concert October 17, 2010

Wells Fargo Theatre (at the Denver Convention Center)

  • N.E.R.D.
  • Gorillaz

Another amazing show, but different than I expected. Gorillaz actually had a band, and not just a virtual one. A huge band, actually. I think I counted close to 40 performers altogether, not including all the artists that tour with them just to sing the 1 or 2 songs they’re featured on. Incredible.

Here’s the encore. Such poor quality that I recommend you don’t watch, and in fact, don’t even listen. Neither are worth it.

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concert october 2, 2010

The Pepsi Center

  • Passion Pit
  • Muse

Incredible show. Up there with NIN as being the most visually compelling concert I’ve ever seen. The music was epic.

Here’s the encore shown in two parts. It was shot from my iPhone, so the sound and video quality are shit. There are much better recordings out there, but you know, incessant record keeping.

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trip august 20, 2010

August 20, 2010
DIA (8:00ish) -> Houston -> Miami

Went to Larry & Claudia’s home, ate crepes, and hung out outside until 1am when the temperature was still in the 80s.

Hung out in the hotel lobby all morning with the Krams and Uprights. So hot & humid outside that the shade wasn’t any cooler. Suited up and went to Owen’s Bar Mitzvah where Ally opened the curtain to the arc (wtf?). Cocktail hour had some bomb food including whipped potatoes and steak in martini glasses. Owen spent nearly a half hour talking during the lighting of the candles ceremony thing, and the reception was lead by some teal-eyed crazy hyper party-getting-goerer. Ally and I avoided the camera at all costs, but ended up singing Don’t Stop Believing into it.

Had brunch with the whole family at the Marriott. Ran into The Krams at the airport. Cindy had a gold railroad spike in her luggage that she had gotten from Grammy.

August 22, 2010
Miami (3:30ish) -> Dallas (slight delay, ate at T.G.I. Fridays) -> DIA

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date Aug 28th 2010
author Mike
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